Machines are not the way to achieve greatness, it is one of the ways to be great!! #Meander#

It is a challenging morning, clouds are floating in tranquillity. There is something going to happen in the city of Paula. Parking is now full and vehicles are now heading to overflow parking. Robo- Scientist from all parts of the country are coming to see this at the SAR Institute of science and technology, which always encourage challenges to be tried and tested.

The car was all set to launch for a flight to Saturn. As these adept Robo-scientist have already achieved successes to land at Mars a few years ago, and today is the eighth attempt to send this car on Saturn. Saturn predominantly possesses hydrogen and helium gas with a visible ring-like structure outside its surface.

Counting has now begun and yet there were no facial expressions to read from these faces but their bustle in working procedure could certainly show the effect of excitement and nervousness in the environment.

Blasto!! And off it goes.

Just after 8min 30 seconds, Blur screen was quite visible and the car meandered swiftly from its orbit. In another few seconds, it deviated from its path. Intelligent robots failed this task again in the year 2060, those robots were known as the ingenuity of human few years ago.

The human race has learned the same story again that failure is also one of ways to achieve success by everyone on this revolutionary planet. Machines are not the way to achieve greatness, it is one of the ways to be great!!artificial-intelligence-2167835_1920

 Daily Post Challenge-Meander


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  1. kickstart123 says:

    sounds good!! thanks


  2. wendie says:

    I’m a sci-fi lover too, great post!

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  3. Daisy says:

    I totally loved reading your post! I really enjoy anything sci fi so this was perfect!!

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    1. kickstart123 says:

      thanks for your lovely lines:-)


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