Attainment without pressure can take you to merry achievements..

It was Monday afternoon when Robin started from school on his bicycle. It was scorching heat, pathway looked arid and dreary. As he entered into his home, his mum opened the door. Off he threw his clothes with school bag and lay down on the carpet. He mumbled “This heat will kill me!”.After a few minute of repose, he found himself in composure.

“Stillness is vital for the state of tranquility”.

Blazing heat worked as a catalyst after a long day of school. It was an agitating force behind his anger and negative language he mumbled.

Robin was still not ready to start his rest of the day after twilight, although he was composed after a big long day and blazing sun. However evening was far away from any raging catalyst, even though he was not hoping any joy from the day after dusk.boring2

It was from last four months his parents were preparing him for a pivotal exam. They were always repeating the banal sentence every day,” Robin, you don’t understand the gravity of this exam, passing this will secure your place in best school of the county, this will leads you to best university which will ensure your best carrier.”

It was humdrum for robin and still two months left for the exam, he was trying to evaluate the essence of these sentences at the age of ten.

It all started exuberantly few months ago, when robin was cheerfully going with all his friends at this new coaching class. Every day he felt curious and flabbergast by knowing new things in English, Maths, Reasoning and Science. His mind was deluged with all the facts and lore from vivid academics.

He is inherently a keen student with strong interest in athletics .He likes to perceive details of any new topic come across. He wants to know the meaning of words, the process of maths, procedure of art, techniques of DT, past of history and facts of science.

His curiosity takes him to read numerous books to find his answers. It is all good and that is how he started his journey for this pivotal exam. However now, there is nothing new for him to learn except to repeat all his understanding several times before exam.

Every day he was remembering the same number facts, vocabulary words, reasoning processes, science facts. Unfortunately there was nothing excited going for him, as he was preparing for this exam. On top of that perpetual suggestions from parents to do hard work and repeat the same facts to achieve the mastery and get good score was the only voices heard by him. These reasons were enough for him to feel despondent and jaded☹

This evening as his days were passing by and still two months left for his exam.He decided after a disappointing day that he will not study any more.

Enough, Enough, Enough!!!!!! I will not study anymore😊😊😊

He felt carefree and determined. Later at the dinner table, out came the herald by slowly chewing every bite of pasta in his plate. Gently swaying his fork he announced “I don’t want to give any exam, it’s boring and tiring! I want to quit”.

Quit, what, why??????

He thought his parents will understand his decision, respect it and accept it. Although he was not bothered about anyone as he doesn’t wanted to do it at any cost. There were many times when he kept doing because of rewards, play-dates, video games and time for outdoor play but from today onward it is a vivid:-No, No, No

First, mom tried convincing him by her encouraging words next, dad chastised on him and eventually both of them stopped in front of his reluctance. They left him on his own decision. They didn’t know how to assure him for his successes for this hard,

Sometimes adults being prejudice goes into their banal mode and switch off their juvenescence mode. Listing is an essential art to learn for every adult😊

He was feeling free and didn’t actually knew what to do as there was no timetable to follow. Happy feet were flying to play and run around till his eyes caught on a book called” Secret of mind to attain pinnacle”.uzcbd1s1b9tdtmspfbna

He was not ready to read anything today but attracted by its cover. It was nearly bed time and lying down on his bed besides his lamp after a playful evening felt good to him. he was holding this book. Starting of book comprises graphical illustrations of neurons, brain like walnut shape, athlete’s players, chess players, soccer players and many more successful people.

He started reading the features of brain and it’s working with all the body parts. How it capture stimulation and send signals to different parts of the body. He felt astonished to understand the detail structure of wiry brain, within few minutes he finished first chapter and  turned page for next chapter with heading on second chapter “Secret to winning chess”. He was drawn in by picture of chess player “Garry”. A trophy in his hands and winning pose gave robin a euphoric feeling. Author narrated:-

Garry is a number one chess player in the world. He has achieved records by daily regime and years of practice. His brain thinks super fast like a computer while playing chess.

Beneath is the passage where harry replied to one of author’s question: – why is daily practice important?

Garry replied:-

“I reckon daily practice involves many factors. Scientist discovered that human brain recognize and respond to patterns .It memories the facts based on mental representation. Mental representation means a mental structure that corresponds to an object, an idea, collection of information, concrete or abstract ,that brain is thinking about .for eg:-Visual images of any object like kite can be memories by its corresponding detail like thread , quadrilateral shape, flying , thin paper etc. these collective information helps us to remember the object kite.

Brain also works to find answer. If we give challenges to our brain, it will work toward challenges to solve and unleash its own power beyond its own capabilities.

Lastly brain has to plan and perform the activity by applying deliberate practice in everyday life. Mind need proper engagement to practice which refers to focus on the subject for few minutes or hours daily and a day should end by small challenge which in result can be reward for your regimen.”3d human with a 3d silver trophy in hands

Garry has challenged himself and did something which was not achieved by any human till today. With practice, his immense engagement with small daily challenge made his journey excited with his astounding achievement.”

Robin closed the book, still didn’t want to sleep. He was envisioning Harry’s picture with his winning pose. It was not only about the picture but the thoughtful message from him where he practiced  without skipping a single day with same routine till he achieved the apex to win in that gleeful pose.

Reaching high is euphoric, a daily practice from which we can attain mastery by perceiving it with each and every aspect.

Today is Tuesday and on breakfast table robin was ready to start a new day with determination to practice his facts daily till he written his exam and become an Entrepreneur, to fulfill his own dream.

Now he is only thinking about his winning pose 😊joy_mindfulhappiness


23 thoughts on “Attainment without pressure can take you to merry achievements..

  1. This story is extremely inspiring.Idk why I m wasting my entire life writing exams and obtaining degrees.

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    1. thanks dear..glad you like it:-)


  2. This was an adorable post. I really enjoyed it.

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  3. Thanks for sharing!!

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  4. Great story thanks for sharing

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  5. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your writing style!

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  6. Very nice story, I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing 😀

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  7. Terry & Teresa July 11, 2017 — 1:00 pm

    Great post! Well written

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  8. Wow? What a great peice you have written. So beautifully done. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. thanks for posting comment. it is an encouraging statement!!

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  9. This post has a message not make child life a hell. we at time start putting pressure and stress of our life to our children which is clearly depicted in the post. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. thanks for reading dear, accord your thoughts not to put pressure instead tell them the advantage of daily practice and challenge which could joyfully change their life.


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