Bouncing back to childhood

A trip to toy shop with my daughter is always a dear affair. Her usual plan is to buy A toy 😊 although often she comes back with handful of few more stuff. I don’t blame her as whenever I enter into toy shop, I feel like buying too. Board games, art- craft, outdoor sections, character toys, doll-house, cars, party toys ….there is an endless list of choices to look around .So, I can understand her dilemma to choose few from laden choices. 😊

This time we bought an art and craft kit which included porcelain heart shape box, vase and photo frame with set of colours. As usual this is not the only thing came back with us. It came with its companion SPACE HOPPER.

She was excited about the crafty box as she had already seen that box but she was bit apprehensive about space hopper as she bought that as guinea-pig for her toy lab. She saw its picture from outside the box and thought it could be an interesting toy for her to try 😊

Without losing a single minute, she opened her crafty box immediately after we reached home. She drew the pattern and fill it with all bright colors.It was a gratifying evening for her.

Next day, after coming back from school, it was opening ceremony of SPACE- HOPPER😊. She was more cautious than curious And the box opened……………………………….


There was a pump and an inflatable balloon with two orange hoppers. Next, it was filled with air by pump. I could see a perfect glee on her face as she was watching the balloon rising with the pumped air. All in haste she close air inlet by a stopper. Hurray!!!!!!!

giant-space-hopper-on-the-handpicked-collection1HERE SHE IS READY FOR HER BOUNCY RIDE…!!!!…..!!!!!….!!!!!…!!!!

Oh, yes!!

I could see her delight, she was enjoying it ,moving all around our home.

Now what??????

Try it mummy, it’s your turn.



I can’t sit on it, holding two hoppers and bounce like a Zany😊

I am ok darling, you enjoy ride. It’s all fun, isn’t it!!— I said it, so that she would stick with it and don’t ask me again😊

How do you know it’s fun?

Sit on it and bounce on it mummy, replied my daughter bouncing happily.

Look, it won’t take your heavy -weight- mummy, I said.

Mummy, I checked, it can take up to 70kg, you are not heavy she said.

It felt good to hear I am light😊

I gave her all excuse not to try the SPACE HOPPER ☹, nothing worked really!!

I could see her forehead with a headstrong quote on it:-

The future is female.  

Ok, I will try after some time, I said.

Please, now!!

Another quote on same forehead:-

She was warned, she was given an explanation nevertheless she persisted.

And I lost the battle from my own blood☹

Now what???

My face got pallid and dreary, there was no choice left for me in front of a future feminist.☹

Breathe-in and out, breathe -in and out…till my mind and body synchronized with tranquility.

I couldn’t hold that calmness for more, as I heard voice of my daughter saying, put your right leg up, sit on it and hold those hopper.

Am I looking like a zany???? This was the only thought striking in my mind.

Good, mummy, correct, you are sitting in right position, you will not fall down.

Now what???

Bounce mummy, bounce.

I took a leap and felt fluttery in my stomach then tried another, then another!!

yipeeeeeeeeee, it was fun!! Bounce Bounce Bounce……

I did it. 😊


Sometimes we resist ourselves doing small things but taking those steps backward can only prompt us to moving ahead in this monotonous life.

Till I come back with my next blog…just







38 thoughts on “Bouncing back to childhood

  1. Thank you very much for sharing very Informative article…

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  2. This is intresting and knowledgeable article.. I got lots of information which will be useful for me.. Thank you so much

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  3. Thanks for sharing nice article..


  4. Our elementary school has these for the children. Minus the ears to hold on to and probably a bit smaller. They use them for the children that cannot sit still and it really works to keep them calm. They are just allowed to slightly bounce up and down in class to relieve that urge to run around or not pay attention to the teacher. Thanks for sharing this great post. Kudos

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    1. hey, very informative comment by you.I knew about the fidget spinner but wan’t aware about the bouncy ball. didn’t knew the other side of it except a fun toy!!thanks for sharing it.


  5. these were my favorite when I was little! I couldn’t stop playing!

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    1. thanks dear for reading . glad to hear that !!


  6. “no choice left for me in front of a future feminist” loved it lol

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    1. ha ha..are you another one inline with her?


  7. Brings back great memories of my Micky Bounce bouncing toy. I might fall flat on my face trying it now … but after reading this, if I get the chance, I’m going to bounce, bounce, bounce anyway! 🙂

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    1. hilarious comment..I was apprehensive as well , fortunately i haven’t heard any crackling sound from my bones yet:-)) thanks for happy comment dear!!


  8. This is sooo cute . Brings back memory’s .

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  9. This post is so adorable

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  10. My best friend in school had exactly the same 😅 My son had a smaller one – I could not have used that, what a pity.

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    1. thanks for reading.I hope your son must have been playing with this all day.

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      1. Yes he did – and so does his little brother now 🙂

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  11. yolondaskitchen June 28, 2017 — 10:59 pm

    This is adorable! And I swear I was reading with bated breath because I though you were going to say the bouncing ball DID burst!

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    1. ha ha.. that was the only worry before i sat on it !! thanks for reading dear!!


  12. Bounce bounce bounce
    Ha ha ha….

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  13. One of my favorite toys growing up! Last night, I built a Lemonade Stand with my kids. It is so nice to live and let go occasionally! Enjoyed reading your post!


    1. thanks.hey, curious to know about how you build lemonade stand.can you share the pic please.


  14. i love those bouncing balls.

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    1. thanks for your comment. glad to hear that!!


  15. I loved those bouncy toys as a kid! I gotta say though, the design on this one is a little creepy…

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    1. ha ha…is it!! i like his big grin!!


  16. Great storytelling. This thing actually looks like a lot of fun!

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    1. thanks for your remark. it indeed is a fun!


  17. Brings me back to my childhood haha

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  18. I loved the way you told your story. Leave it to our children to make us feel like children again. Such great memories you’re giving her.

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    1. thank you for you lovely are right future – memories for her and best -present for me.


  19. Oh, this made me smile. I had a “hippity-hopper” when I was a little girl and I loved it. I’m a little older now. I’d be afraid I might kill myself:)

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    1. So. you did bounce ..if you will try, you might get complement of being light:-)
      thanks dear.


  20. I agree, sometime we should give ourself sometime to be in a child foot to get ourself rejuvenate.

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    1. I accord your did rejuvenate me. thanks for your lovely comment.


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