How I find one way of inner peace while searching to buy sofa..

relaxing-musicSince last six months, I am seeking to buy sofa for our living room. There is a COOL white bay window in our living room. Sun rays directly come penetrating through the glass. Sometimes I think that it is the door of contentment to our home .I like the vicinity of that window. So, the plan is to place sofa near window where I can relax and be happy😊 (day dreaming would be easy).

Yesterday I was browsing for my lazing sofa. I looked for about an hour and couldn’t find anything quintessential. It was not the first time I have looked for it, I am exasperated from last six months. Every week I make few attempts of browsing web and shops then I settle and secure for few but eventually nothing!!!

I don’t know why??

Spiritual guru says that relaxing every muscle of body is one way to learn concentration.Apparently every body parts pause to gain energy but mind never rests to get the fuel to run life.Liberating thoughts from mind is not an easy process, neither concentrating at one thought is easy.Thoughts loves to wander in the brain to create a messy circuit of everything.

In my mind there is giant web of sofas😊

I understand that brain remember and likes pictures. There is a famous saying as well:–

 I give hundreds of choices to my mind to look for peace (my sofa). Everyday my brain is muddled up with all the pictures. Just now, I thought to check that on average how many pictures of sofa can I see in one minute and I wasted almost 2 hours again glancing some more pictures.

Unfortunately seeing all the images is not succoring me to attain my sofa

Why can’t I finalize a sofa, what’s wrong?The trouble didn’t kick off because I wanted to have something for my inner peace, it all started when I was searching for the peace. A human being can easily tame almost everything however taming mind is arduous. Most taxing task for any person is to tame the mind. It is an intricate mesh of enigma. So far human race is trying best to solve this complicated mesh. As we fabricate it ourselves so, we know how to untangle it but these days it’s become difficult resulting an endless puzzle creating more stress in brain.


Apparently there are ways to unravel the puzzled mind by taming muscles and mind of the body.

I saw this quotation few days back although it took few days for me to understand what it means:-There is more to life than increasing its speed: – M.K Gandhi.

I cannot slow down instead I need to speed up to get out of this problem. I think speeding is not the problem .The problem is that, world is full of prolific information and we are not giving time to our mind to hold and absorb the information.

Our mind skims plenty of images and information daily and we thinks that we are brainy however mind is not imbibing anything in deets.

Is this the cause for not buying…….say yes or no!!!

As soon as I enters into the showroom or start my laptop to look up for sofa, all those wonderful images provoke me for an instant buy without thinking of my bay window. Every shop is helping me with nice variety and reasonable price even then I end up in an incoherent situation. I think my priority is not only buying sofa but coordination of sofa and bay window. When I switch off the computer I think about window and when I open it I only think about sofa.

This conflict of necessity in our mind is the creator of stress which indeed is fabricated by us!! (Sometime, I blame others to give us loads of choices😊).We need to match our priority with our requirement to make ourselves happy. All the pictures looks fantastic but we have to match the one which complement our own lifestyle. Thus,I think co-ordination is vital part for searching sofa or inner peace 😊

I am now taming my mind not only for buying sofa but to buy a sofa which can be placed near my bay window…Amazing-Bay-window-seat-cushions-canada


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  1. Iva Ursano says:

    I love the way you write. You made this whole sofa shopping thing into a beautiful story! great blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kickstart123 says:

      thanks very much dear.


  2. ActionHero says:

    thoroughly enjoyed the post!!


    1. kickstart123 says:

      thank you very much!!


  3. rspires811 says:

    I really enjoyed this post.


    1. kickstart123 says:

      thanks for liking it.. it certainly gives motivation and appetite to move on!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. RM says:

    I loved reading this post! 🙂


    1. kickstart123 says:

      Many thanks will make me moving!!


  5. Farhacutypie says:

    Love the way how you pen down everything….. Just awesome…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kickstart123 says:

      Many thanks for your lovely comment.


  6. Anant says:

    Content was good but there is a big technical blunder, You can not use watermarked images. REASONS:-
    1. They have a copyright claim on them
    2. Watermarked Images don’t look good
    1. Go for paid Images
    2. Search for free HQ images
    3. Feel free to contact me for any blogging related help( I am on facebook, or contact me via my website)


    1. kickstart123 says:

      Appreciate your feedback .many thanks !! Will sure look at your blog for help.


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