Tangible help from society.


I have been brought up where daily we reminded ourselves to praise our motherland in our school prayer with a beautiful song: –

Vanande Mataram….

Motherland gives us everything without expecting anything in return. I assure you same implies for my mother.

My childhood was privileged from exuberant motherhood. As I look back I had always seen my mum wearing colorful saree with red bindi on her forehead.  Her light brown skin was immaculate with the gloss of her own smile. Every morning I started my day by seeing her face. I can never forget her gleaming eyes with soft voice. I never understand her magical trick to send us school/ collage without screaming or shouting on us😊.IMG_5357

This is not a tale about a child at war time. I am a new baby of modern era!! I was born three decades ago in a colorful city of India.

That was my childhood where my mother staunched all her precious time for her family. I never heard any cry or regrets from her. She got her Masters in Political Science with very head strong views on politics. It was very happy environment where I learnt to live life for others. My well-educated mum still has her own opinions and her brain wired in some different fashion where she listens to all of us but always do the best with her own judgement. Don’t know how it is woven😊

Before my marriage I always thought that my mum should not marry as she wasted her intelligence, creativity and skills in helping us.

Three decades ago in most of India, mother essentially means a simple well-educated lady marrying to an educated man with aspirations to raise her family by helping them with pragmatic and moral education. Among both the partner in the family mother usually stayed at home. She vitally got the magical power to fill the home with liveliness.

Families were thriving elatedly as it was an era where the life was all surreal with one parent establishing children in the outer world and other parent establishing roots with compassion and ethical values. They both were participating equally to elevate their family.

Society was working as catalyst for our parents, encouraging them by occasionally vibrant celebrations and help physically whenever needed with patience. Socially, people were good listener with less show-off.IMG_5258

After three decades…….

Now, after three decades, I was ready with my warm feet and excited to put my mother’s shoes on to walk on the same path and was assertive about the walk.

Commencement was quite manageable when both my children were toddlers and it was more physical work which was bit of hassle. Everything was going good till their intrigue characteristic came out and I landed almost thrashed on the floor. Children not only started speaking but mostly started thinking.

It is always easy to handle followers but uncomfortable to handle inquisitive person who use the brain for analytical skills and most importantly challenge back with skillful reasoning!!!!

Now, I understood the difference between mum and me. She had the quality of being patience and there was no chaos. She was compassionate and there was no terror. Particularly she was happy and there was elated energy everywhere.

I am one of the homogeneous mum of this era where patience has toned down to Intolerance. Compassion has changed to indifference. Happiness is still struggling, as we all are striving to be a happy family without including two important components in life: – compassion and patience.

We are trying to be tranquil and relaxed but this time even society is not willing to help us. we all are in haste to reach somewhere. Both the parents are juggling to achieve good future although the beautiful present with the children is losing its’s daily battle.

There required a tangible help from society.

Presence of person is more important than virtual relationship. Simplicity is much needed than swankiness. Small celebrations are more important than grandeur revelry.

I am trying my part and now it’s your turn!!

Start from your family…have compassion, patience and tranquility will come by Itself!!

Future generation is waiting for your time and presence!! Be with them and happiness will come automatically!!!!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. kickstart123 says:

    glad you agree with it.. i reckon presence is must in this fast flowing lifestyle.


  2. ActionHero says:

    Love it!! Completely Agree
    “Presence of person is more important than virtual relationship.”


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