Virtual Vs Real-Brexit

brexit image 1A decision by the people, for the people and to the people-Britain exit.

As Vincent Van Gogh said,” Conscience is a man’s compass”.

So, does it means that human being take decisions only by his thoughts and ideology and it has no impact from his surroundings?

Let see how it works in the modern era!!

Three weeks ago people of England got right to take an important decision for their country. People of England voted for England to remain in or out in European Union.

Voting defines, “A formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action, expressed typically through a ballot or a show of hands”. As it described voting system is based on the opinion of a candidate which is been decide by him with his own understanding about the subject.

A candidate gets several options to know and understand his subject to make up an opinion before going ahead with this course of action called voting. It depends on a candidate how, why or when he needs to know about his subject for expressing his opinion by raising his hands or with ballot.

brexit image 2

It is  a different debate whether England is socialist or capitalist country but this referendum shows people here prefer socialism more than capitalism.

The word ‘socialism’ finds its root in the Latin sociare, which means to combine or to share.To begin with any of these two activities, one should be aware of sharers or what needs to be share.At least have some knowledge to understand why that course is happen and with whom.

The irony of current socialism system is that most of us are not active participant of our, we don’t know much about our sharer and our combined community.

The theory of socialism is changing nowadays as people are connected to a virtual community rather than a real society. Connections with family, friends, relatives or neighbors all are tied up on social websites:-)

Our normal day starts with seeing smartphone, checking mails or by browsing social websites on electronic gadgets. This daily routine gives us newsfeeds about our interest. So, if we are interested to know about our interests like friends or group activity than thankfully, we will know about their opinions and ideologies but unfortunately it doesn’t gives us an opportunity to look beyond our interests. We got good understanding of all happening in our friends or family’s daily life.

We achieved what we want. Good, isn’t it!!

Now, the good part is that we have good knowledge of our interesting subjects but what about those subjects which are not interested to us. Our daily routine does not give any choice to know those subject.

Technical innovation are good for human betterment if used properly. Trend is that we are dragging toward technology and trap is that we all are surrounding by our likes and dislikes and do not want to care or share in realistic community. Can do virtually though!!

So, the roots of socialism can only be developed, if we start understanding our community with the realistic perspective. Interacting community in person, adjusting in family, knowing neighbors and then understanding their views and telling our opinion create the feeling of socialism. Where some time we accept others views as it is good cause for community and other time community accept new ideas with open arm and broad thoughts. Being part of realistic world teaches us very important skills and these are to be patient and tolerant.

Unfortunately, with the limited time in a day. Most of our time get to please our self than understanding community, city, nation or world. In this way either we follow someone or please others to our follower. Broadening our own mind needs to get off from distraction and to think on any subject by our own outlook is very important. It means to take measures for any cause without pleasing any system.

Why, I am writing about voting, socialism, community and technology?

Is there something to do with referendum? Yes, no, maybe!!

brexit image 4

A nation was in complete shock on Friday 24th June. Unexpected victory or a loss for a nation. Shock in the sense of surprise for the winners and shock in the sense of dismay for the loser’s .I would not agree that the voters did not have enough information about the campaign. Political parties did the same thing they did in past and that to aware people about their ideology and manifesto’s to all the voters.

So, what was new this time?

The campaigning started from 15th April 2016 when leaders decided to convince the voters. Voters did not even gaze the bigger issue and took the beginning as a general election between two parties, where half of the public did not want to take part in politics.

It is a shame but nowadays we are no longer participating in the community, thinking it is politics and avoid voting without seeing the big picture of nation. That causes hung governments in center or less percentage of vote from a constituency .It may can make worst candidate a winner MP or best to lose the battle.

Anyways, in this scenario, public participation was indeed very less in the beginning. Nearer the time of brexit election day, people started realizing the importance of their vote but it was bit late for them to understanding and gaze the outcome of this important referendum .As we prefer social websites over researching our self or listening to the leaders or community.people relied on website which were loaded with emotions of individuals. It was personal view more than the practical or calculative aspect for  in or out from EU.

It was sadly and emotional outcome to liberate from EU or not to untie the long bond of a nation from EU. It might that people who voted for remain in has their emotions to stay connected with the European roots and could work at the same time in England. On the other side, people who voted for remain out might have emotions to get their country back from a group of European union where a nation has to follow the path with mutual understanding of other nations and cannot lead it on its own.

brexit image 3

It was certainly a tough decision by both the parts. Worst of it is that it divided the nation, polarized its view not logically but emotionally .Very less people had the knowledge about the trade, economy, NHS, security and safety of people.

I think people didn’t dig properly into this problem. They do not ask questions against all these issue, instead they listened debates, read blogs and media status. If it would be a loud community but not the quite technology than for sure the speeches were clearer with curious queries.

The scene could be different,If People would understand that there was no need of referendum and it was just a one failure of central government to convince the European Union in Brussels few years back.

lesson learnt , any unexpected thing can happen with less awareness.We should use our conscience as a compass without drifting towards others.


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