Passion Vs Family.

It is a story of a mother and her beloved child.
Katie was a mother of a sweet child.Once upon a time when she was not mum ,she had some dream with high hopes.She enjoyed learning new skills and got an opportunity to use those skills at right place.Time was as right as the place of work where she found her true love.She got married to her superman.She admired the joy of being with someone although to give and get love was  never been easy for her.

She was not  fond of children but everything changed, when one summer night, she became mum.It was not love in the beginning, just an affection for his little pot of honey.

As the days passed by, she got devoted to this bundle of joy.As if,she is the only one who has complete knowledge of the world and he is the only one who wants to know about the world.She was happy and had enjoy every single day with serene

Till one fine morning,it was his first day to nursery and  both of them had to come out from their magical world.Her magical wand stopped working and soon he begun to learn new spells too.

Now,she started moaning that she wasted her time and lost some years in merely doing nothing.She wanted to follow her dreams with all hopes and tough grind.Her heart wanted to follow her dream but her day divided into chunks of hours.A normal day started with daily chores followed by only few hours for her own.Once her son jumped into the house, he took over all her ambitions and  dreams away.In a day with only 4 hours for her .Her dream seems far and pretty dull.

Successes  in her life needed bit more time and goals could only achieve with more work.This time Katie was bit desperate and thought of not stopping at any cost.

The only way she found is to took a tiny bit of time from her child’s day.Little lad never complained as he was growing and could manage for some time on his own.

Katie was very happy to put her head towards her passion and thought this is what she always wanted for her life.She was working day and night with complete dedication. Little she knows that tiny bit of her borrowed time from her child was now gone to days and month!!

Katie’s child started feeling  lonely and gradually been mostly on his own .His behavior became aggressive and he was thinking his mum was not same.He was missing her mum and started spending his time with his friends.Now,most of his time was with his friends and outside the home.

Eventually,Katie achieved her goal and got success in her work.She was inundate to achieve her aim.She wanted to share her triumph with her son but apparently she lost her son as he was not concerned  for his mum.

Finally, mum won her dreams over her lost son.IMG_0718

Has she done something wrong? Has she neglected her child?Nope, not at all!!

She got married,had her family and followed her dreams.

Was attaining her desire wrong? Nope,not at all!!

Then what went wrong? Why her child was lost,what made him lonely?

Could she balanced her life by giving time to both ends?

but doing less work made her further distant from her goal.

Could she followed her dreams after her son grown up?

but then it would be too late for her to started over again.

Should her child be more understanding?

but then he was a child.He always need more time.

Does it means that either one partner has to abandon his/her dreams to raise a happy family or anyone should only get marry if he/she is happy with raising  the family?

Is it  difficult where,”My head says’who cares’?’ but my heart whisper ‘you do stupid’.”IMG_0722


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  1. pakulele says:

    Very interesting to read

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kickstart123 says:

      thanks a lot dear


  2. kickstart123 says:

    it is indeed a happy juggle!! thanks


  3. ActionHero says:

    This is such a lovely story and a true feeling of a mother who is juggling between work and family life. Good one!! Keep writing


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