Praise is the magic spell for any successful action.
Honest and specific words of praise can work as magic potion for any best trick.

Encouraging words always boost confidence and desire to do more.

If we encourage someone by pointing at specific behavior or in a proper direction then they gain confidence to learn or improve the action with desire to achieve their goal.

As Jess Lair edify in his book,”Praise is like sunlight to the warn human spirit;we cannot flower and grow without it.”

I am not talking about honeyed words to play tricks neither I am in favor of silly complements.

All I am saying about the thoughts coming straight from our heart to inspire someone and let them realize the talent they possess.Our genuine help may can bring a small change or might be a complete transformation of someone.

I reckon ,we all agree as Charles Shwab says,”Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.”


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