Instagram-the virtual world #instagram

We all are all experts in knowing everything with the help of my dear friend social media😊 but doing is completely another side of a coin my friends😊

New Year Pledge

Another year has passed just as last year.

Another month has passed just as last month.

Attainment without pressure can take you to merry achievements..

Enough, Enough, Enough!!!!!! I will not study anymore😊😊😊

He felt carefree and determined. Later at the dinner table, out came the herald by slowly chewing every bite of pasta in his plate. Gently swaying his fork he announced “I don’t want to give any exam, it’s boring and tiring! I want to quit”.

How I find one way of inner peace while searching to buy sofa..

The trouble didn’t kick off because I wanted to have something for my inner peace, it all started when I was searching for the peace. A human being can easily tame almost everything however taming mind is arduous. Most taxing task for any person is to tame the mind. It is an intricate mesh of enigma. So far human race is trying best to solve this complicated mesh. As we fabricate it ourselves so, we know how to untangle it but these days it’s become difficult resulting an endless puzzle creating more stress in brain.

Tangible help from society.

My childhood was privileged from exuberant motherhood. As I look back I had always seen my mum wearing colorful saree with red bindi on her forehead.  Her light brown skin was immaculate with the gloss of her own smile. Every morning I started my day by seeing her face. I can never forget her gleaming eyes with soft voice. I never understand her magical trick to send us school/ collage without screaming or shouting on us.

Come back time..only once!!

The day passed by and time flew by, Sun shines with all honesty, Moon lightens at dark fears, Day captures seconds of every energy, Nature either absorb it or exclude, Consistency can be named as environment, Could energy be punished for interruption? Energy would like to know beginning, Nature said it was past, but what was…

Virtual Vs Real-Brexit

Our normal day starts with seeing smartphone, checking mails or by browsing social websites on electronic gadgets. This daily routine gives us newsfeed about our interest. So, if we are interested to know about our interests like friends or groups than thankfully, we will know about their opinions and ideologies but unfortunately it doesn’t gives us an opportunity to look beyond our mutual interest. We got good understanding of all happening in our friends or family daily life.