I love grids!!An introduction of known skill.

It’s not only about to calculate or extract data but rather transform data for analysing and visualising purpose. This always gives you a clue to have a check on your future activities and learn from past experiences.

Instagram-the virtual world #instagram

We all are all experts in knowing everything with the help of my dear friend social media😊 but doing is completely another side of a coin my friends😊

She is a paragon #WomensDay

Not a date could decide, Who am I? Nor a month could determine, Why am I? I am a marvel of God, Just like other gems. My creator is proud of me, And I respect all his creativity. I need all reasons to celebrate me, It can never be held for a day. I don’t…

New Year Pledge

Another year has passed just as last year.

Another month has passed just as last month.

Attainment without pressure can take you to merry achievements..

Enough, Enough, Enough!!!!!! I will not study anymore😊😊😊

He felt carefree and determined. Later at the dinner table, out came the herald by slowly chewing every bite of pasta in his plate. Gently swaying his fork he announced “I don’t want to give any exam, it’s boring and tiring! I want to quit”.